Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guess what is new with me????

First, we got two new kittens. The other cat (cuddles), about 1 year old, does not like the kittens. All she did all day was hiss and growl at the kittens and everyone else. I got cuddles so calming medicine at the pet store and that seem to calm her down. But the best news is that I am getting a scrap room. My girls want to share a room so I was happy to do that for them. Because that meant my getting the other bedroom for a scrapbooking room. I worked all day today upstairs moving the little one out of the one room and into the other and on the scraproom. Eleanore was so helpful she actually brought me all of my scrappin supplies upstairs. She helped me carry my two large paper racks upstairs too. I guess I owe her a little something this week. I will post photos soon of the new room and other kittens.

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