Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look what I did.....

Ok, the house has been empty this week so I have been busy scrappin in peace. Here are somethings that I did for challenges over at scrapadilly.

This weekend I will be at a scrappin event with ScrapinStyle. I can not wait, I am counting down the minutes. I will be taking classes and learning new things. I will post about it next week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I spy blog candy.......

Here is so great candy that I found over at the scrapmaster's blog. It is her birthday this month and she is celebrating by giving away great goodies. You have until the end of June for you chance to win. Enter my June Blog Candy Giveaway here:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Camp

Over at Coordinates Collections they are having a summer camp that runs from June 1 to August 31. They are giving you the chance to get 40% off your order by just completing challenges over the next couple months. You can vies the information at the following website. here are some things that I have done over the last week for the camp.

This one for was the first challenge, GET CAMPY. I used my Cricut to make the cool tent on the page, inked the edges to make it look more like a old worn tent.

This cute little card was made for the MORE FLAG DAY challenge. I used supplies from my piggy tales kit to make this card.

When you open the little bandoor on the front you find this cute little HI message.

I hope that you come over and join me at coordinates collections and win yourself 40% off.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some layouts I did this past week

This past weekend I did an online crop over at sassyscrapper. Here are a few of my favorites that I did for the challenges.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Scrap Room

Here is my new scrap room. Eleanore and Jessica wanted to share a room so I was happy to assist them in that move. I told them that if they shared a room that it was going to be for a very long time because I was going to make the other bedroom into my scrappin room. I have been working on it since Monday and finally got all the shelves and stuff moved from downstairs to it's new home upstairs. Here are the photos that I took tonight after I finished organizing all my stuff. It is hard to believe that I had all this stuff (except for the two long tables and the shelving)in a small area of my bedroom downstairs.

Just in case you did not know what my old scrappin area looked like here are a few photos of the old area, which was located in my bedroom.


This is the view from the doorway, looking into the room. And yes that is a dresser. I had to leave Jessica's dresser and clothes in the room because the other room did not have any space for them. That is alright with me because the dresser works great for a TV stand.

As you walk into my room on the left you will find my main scrappin area. This area include my scrappin table and wall of scissors/ribbons. Under this table to the right of the chair is a rolling cart that has kits inside. There is also a bin on the ground that has my thickners inside and they are arranged by color. The shelves above the table are where my flowers and some of my other embellies.

To the right side of my table is the area where my papers are located. To the right of my paper racks is the TV and my stickers are to the right of the TV. The shelves above the paper racks is the chipboard area and my books.

On the next wall you will find my computer area for the laptop and my cricut expression. My cuttlebug and other diecut stuff is also located here. This area is also right behind me as I am sitting at my table. Next, the computer table is a small bookcase that contains paper slabs and other sizes of card stock. On top of the bookcase is one 3-drawer container that houses sticker/rub on letters and words. There is also another 3-drawer container that houses my clear stamps.

This is the area for my stamping stuff. This area is where my glitter, embossing stuff, paints, stickles, rubber stamps, ink pads, copics, markers and color pencils can be found. The two bottom shelves are my rubber stamps. Under this table lives a small kids table and two chairs that can be moved out to allow my kids to scrap, if they wish, while I scrap. You can not really see it in the photo but right next to this table is a black stand that houses my punches, ribbons not on a roll, and papers. On top of this black stand is where my scrap bin lives. To the right of this stand is the door to my room.

I hope that you enjoyed this tour of my new scrap room. Please leave me comments and/or suggestions. I would also, like to thank George, my husband, for his help of hanging the shelving and for him not complaining about me having all this stuff. I want to also thank my three kids for helping move the stuff up the stairs to it new home. I special thank you to Eleanore, my oldest daughter 10 yrs, for all her hard work. Eleanore helped my move the paper racks and kept going to get move stuff without ever complains. Of course I owe her something special for all that hard work.

Sunshine and Silver

Here are some pictures of the two new kittens that we got Monday. Sunshine is Jessica's kitten and Silver is Eleanore's kitten. Andy has Cuddles (1year cat) that seems to like growling and hissing at the kittens instead of playing.

This is a photo of Sunshine:

This is a photo of Silver:

Here is a picture of Silver cleaning Sunshine's back while she was sleeping. Just too cute.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guess what is new with me????

First, we got two new kittens. The other cat (cuddles), about 1 year old, does not like the kittens. All she did all day was hiss and growl at the kittens and everyone else. I got cuddles so calming medicine at the pet store and that seem to calm her down. But the best news is that I am getting a scrap room. My girls want to share a room so I was happy to do that for them. Because that meant my getting the other bedroom for a scrapbooking room. I worked all day today upstairs moving the little one out of the one room and into the other and on the scraproom. Eleanore was so helpful she actually brought me all of my scrappin supplies upstairs. She helped me carry my two large paper racks upstairs too. I guess I owe her a little something this week. I will post photos soon of the new room and other kittens.